11 Keys to Success & Wealth

Lessons from 50 Millionaires & 2 Billionaires Dream Big. All the millionaires I interview have big dreams. They believe that they are worth more than a 9-to-5 job and that there is more to life than working forty (or more) hours a week for forty years only to take a forty percent pay cut once […]

4 Personalities & Language

Research indicates there are four types of people. The Social styles identified by Dr. Merrill (driver, analytical, amiable, and expressive), were an excellent beginning for me. But I found them a little restrictive, and as I evaluated individuals noticed some additional distinctions. I color coded the social styles, red and black, and use cards suits […]

Warren Buffet Approach to Investing

Buffet the Oracle. Likely, the greatest investor of our generation. Study him, and your stock portfolio will go up. Mimic him, and you are sure, to have long term growth. He has a systematic way of approaching an investment. And Although, I don’t know all his secrets, his base system is well document. So let […]

Four Social Styles

Maximum Results with the TEA principle!

One of my mentors said “Jim. Do you cut your grass?”. I answered “yes”. He then said “That is the reason you are not rich”. What on earth was he talking about? The answer was simple. Either you invest time, or you spend time. I was spending time. Spending time on the wrong activities and […]

Use the Name Game for Domains

I had the rare privilege of working with over 50 plus millionaires. One of them had a cool way of picking names for products. He showed it me one meeting, and I refined it into the NAME GAME. Recently a few ice hockey friends and I were at an adult ice hockey tournament in Las […]

10 Keys in Stock Investing

If you want to know you are the winner in stock trading, you have to stop trusting others with your account and learn some sound principles. I recommend the following: Know the Outcome. Never hope the market is going up or down, know with a high degree of probability, the out come. What direction the […]

Fire walking for Fun & Success

Develop a Business Disctinction

t is not enough to have a good product, service or idea. You must have a better product or reason for people to buy your product. We call this Marketing Distinction. A compelling reason to use your product and not the competitors. If you think of solid companies, they often have a unique distinction in […]

45/45/10 Guideline for Investing

Not one specific strategy fits all people, and any good financial planner, will tell you have look at: risk tolerance, age, investment objectives, and other factors. But I have found this one guideline, to be very useful. And generally apply’s to most folks. Basically, it suggests: 45% of your investments, should be in cash flow, […]

Use Mentors to Compress Time

Mentors and coaches are known to be teachers and have skills and experiences in a particular field. In many universities, mentors are in college courses and provide study group sessions, and one on one individual assistance or feedback. They are there to guide you through the course or it may be your soon-to-be profession and […]

11 Commandments for Success–Jedi Training

10 Top Emotions to Sell

Most folks will try and sell to features and benefits. For example if we were talking about a remote control converter, a feature would be the on off button, the benefit “sit in the comfort of your chair”. Many sales people stop here, using “basic” benefits. The seasoned sale person knows what motivates individuals is […]

7 Real Estate Strategies to Consider

1. LEASE WITH OPTION TO BUY. Rent the property. Create a fee for the option (down payment). Pay a little extra each month that goes to the purchase of the house in the future. Most of the terms are negotiable. Who pays for what, including repairs, property taxes get spelled out in the agreement. Have […]

Steps to Ensure your Dreams!

Many folks do not live their dreams, because they are held hostage by their own limitations. And I mean self limiting beliefs. NOT real. If fear or doubt holds you back you must have a few strategies for killing the fear. To eliminate doubt. To live your dreams. Strategy: Take a step anyway. John Wayne […]

Negotiation for Fun and Profit

Get Started with 20 Steps in Real Estate

Getting started is often the biggest challenge for most folks. Therefore, here are 20 plus steps you can start in the next 30 days. Set goals: A simple goal, like buy one rental property in the next 90 days. Now, add some objectives to that goal like: prospect 100 properties, visit 30, negotiate 15, put […]

Use the Gross Rent Multiplier

A great tool for estimating the value of properties. The GRM can give you an idea of what the property is worth, and or the income it should be producing. You require 2 pieces of information: Sales price, and the Potential Gross Income. If you have similar information of property in area, you can estimate […]

CANSLIM Investing

No one style of investing fits all people, but I subscribe to the 45/45/10 Investing Method. 45% of your investing should in CASH FLOW strategies, 45% growth strategies, 10% (or less) in high risk, high reward strategies. One of the first “systems” I learned in my twenties, was the CANSLIM method of investing. A system […]